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the famous Boyero (oxcart) Monument, useful for giving directions to Casa Mirador or Finca Heutares.
Directions from the airport (map coming soon):

A taxi from the airport is around $20.

Go west from the airport (if you're renting a car, they'll get you started).
Get in the left lane following the San Ramon sign.

After about 10 miles, take the exit for La Garita/Punta Leona and go left back across the highway. Follow this for about 15 miles (its a very windy road!) including over the Rio Grande and into Atenas.

You'll start to see signs for Finca Huetares. Just before downtown Atenas, you'll see a sign and large metal sculpture of an oxcart (boyero monument). Take a right at the oxcart (boyero monument) and drive for a couple of miles to the sign for Finca Huetares. Drive up the long driveway to the main house, and Magda will meet you with the key and drive you to the house.

To go directly to Casa Mirador, after you pass the boyero monument, take the left with the golden-brown arch (pictured). You will need a code or the remote control to get in.

If you're coming right into Atenas, go straight past the oxcart, and left at the flashing light (see our downtown Atenas map: you're coming in from the upper righthand corner).

Magda's number is (506) 446-4147.

Sorry, Costa Ricans don't seem to believe in street names!

Gate to Casa Mirador and neighbors, sometimes called Calle Feoli or Calle Catarata (waterfall)